AgroLedger is Everything Traceability Should Be.
AgroLedger is our first proof-of-concept application and is a model for how livestock traceability should work. We developed our technology for the Canadian sheep industry to provide easy-to-use livestock traceability compliance within a national traceability framework.

With AgroLedger, producers can use their smart devices to capture and report data while standing in the barn, pasture, feedlot or kitchen. Farmers can add any data they would like to be a permanent part of the animal’s history, such as vaccinations, welfare assessments, certification and more. Each event is geotagged and time and date stamped for a quick and accurate 360-degree view of an animal's history.

Built by Farmers for Farmers.

When we asked producers what they would like in a traceability system, the overwhelming response was they wanted to get something back. In the current system, data only flows one way so they don't know what happens to an animal after it leaves their farm. With AgroLedger, for the first time, farmers can access information about their animals at every step of the livestock production system. 

AgroLedger isn't just good for farmers.

It provides value to every stakeholder along the supply chain, from regulatory inspectors, veterinarians, transport carriers, abattoirs, farmers, feedlots and auction houses – anyone involved in livestock production has an opportunity to benefit.

Regulatory Compliance is Our Wheelhouse.

AgroLedger is on the road to approval by the Canadian traceability regulators at the federal level and is currently being tested on-farm. PrüvIT is committed to improving traceability around the world. We’re taking the lead from our farming founders and using ingenuity and determination to make the product work in your environment, for your industry and within your regulatory boundaries. 

our promise

We won’t stop until you have a functioning system that fits your needs and your governing body is satisfied.

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