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PrüvIT Solutions are PRECISION AG for Livestock.
Our technology

PrüvIT’s traceability software is an advanced livestock data-sharing system that blends private blockchain networks with AI, biometrics and deep machine learning.  Our technology digitizes, automates and shares traceability and production information to make it easy for producers to gain meaningful insights into their operations while achieving regulatory compliance and instantaneous disease traceback. 

What PrüvIT Technologies will do for you

PrüvIT builds software solutions to assist livestock producer groups, regulators and government, as well as private industry to:

Create rapid, easy and accurate traceability mechanisms.
capture traceability data anywhere.

Users capture traceability data in the palm of their hand on any internet-enabled smart device, which is then automatically submitted to regulators for hassle-free compliance. During an outbreak, the system uses built-in data analytics to create and apply disease models to identify every animal, vehicle and premise at risk within minutes – even seconds – and send an alert to all affected parties.

Provide value to each stakeholder along the value chain.
PrüvIT offers traceability solutions that also provide production insights.

Regulatory inspectors, veterinarians, transport carriers, abattoirs, farmers, feedlots and auction houses – anyone involved in livestock production – has an opportunity to capture value. That’s because blockchain lets herd management information flow up and down the food system.

Share data with the people you want to.
(or those who are willing to pay for it.)

Beyond the regulated traceability information, users can choose to share production information with others in the network – or NOT.  Because they can PrüvIT with authenticated data, farmers can capture market premiums by using data sharing to:

  • Take advantage of certification programs that require verified production practices.
  • Easily comply with audits.
  • Submit data to research institutions.
  • Participate in farm-to-fork consumer initiatives.
  • And more!
Experience the future of livestock traceability with PrüvIT Technologies.
Our innovative solutions are revolutionizing the industry, delivering transparency, compliance and value-added data management. Book a discovery call today and see how PrüvIT can take your supply chain to the next level.
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