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Corlena Patterson, Executive Director

Corlena Patterson is the Executive Director of the Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF) and leads the AgroLedger development team. Formally educated in agricultural science, Corlena holds a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from McGillUniversity and a master’s degree in Equine Studies from the University of Edinburgh’sRoyal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

Prior to her appointment as ED, Corlena served as National Scrapie Coordinator for the CSF’s National TSE Eradication Plan, overseeing the completion of a national scrapie prevalence study and the development of the small ruminant’s industry’s Scrapie Eradication Strategic Plan. She formerly served as AdjunctLecturer in Equine and Agriculture Departments at the Kemptville Campus of theUniversity of Guelph and managed the Campus’ equine teaching and research facility.

Corlena hails from an agribusiness and farming family, has owned and operated her own farm and has worked exclusively in Canada’s agriculture sector.

Kip DeCastro, Software Architect

Kip DeCastro has extensive ties to ranching and experience in the livestock sector which made him the ideal candidate to lead PrüvIT Technologies' software development, quality assurance,  AI development and UX/UI design teams.

Kip is a software developer and blockchain enthusiast with a wealth of experience from DevOps to blockchain development. He enjoys applying cutting edge technologies to areas that have traditionally avoided computerization.

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