Harnessing the Potential of Traceability. 
PrüvIT's precision AG solutions are ushering in a new era of livestock traceability and data management.
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who we are
We are an AgTech company that builds better, more effective livestock traceability systems.
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PrüvIT Solutions

Our software is created by farmers for farmers. We use cutting-edge technologies to create innovative applications that address real-world farm traceability problems. We work in close partnership with our clients to develop customized solutions that are both practical and affordable and go beyond traditional thinking to meet their specific needs.

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our technology

Blockchain Technology

Our ag technology is an advanced livestock data-sharing system that blends private blockchain networks with AI, biometrics and deep machine learning.

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About Us

Our system digitizes, automates and shares traceability and production information to make it easy for producers to gain meaningful insights into their operations while achieving regulatory compliance and instantaneous disease traceback.

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what we do

What makes PrüvIT solutions different?

We develop software that fits within highly regulated environments. We’re the only ag tech company that started with real-world problems that real-life farmers faced and built systems around those challenges.

PrüvIT Technologies develops solutions that help farmers comply with national legislation while minimizing the burden of extensive data entry.

our solutions
We guarantee compliance in any regulated space.

Taking the lead from our farming founders, the PrüvIT Technologies team is dedicated to making our software work in any environment, for any industry and within any regulatory boundary.  We won’t stop until we have a functioning system that fits each client’s needs and their governing body is satisfied.

our history
Our development team has extensive experience in livestock production.

We understand the nuance of daily livestock management, which guides our technology development process.  Applications can be seamlessly customized to meet the unique demands of any livestock sector.

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We’re rewriting the future of livestock identification.

PrüvIT Technologies envisions a future where livestock traceability is simplified and efficient, without the burden of lost ear tags, expensive readers and manual data entries. Our AI-based solutions allow for the recognition, tracking and registration of hundreds of animals with just the click of a button.  Additionally, our sophisticated blockchain technology can seamlessly integrate with any RFID traceability system, making it work for any livestock industry.

our potential
Discover what’s coming next.
We offer integrated solutions that use modern technology to turn silos of data into actionable intelligence and, ultimately, a smarter way to trace and track food. 

Our solutions offer infinite customizations with many applications in the works. 
What's next?
Experience the future of livestock traceability with PrüvIT Technologies.
Our innovative solutions are revolutionizing the industry, delivering transparency, compliance and value-added data management. Book a discovery call today and see how PrüvIT can take your supply chain to the next level.
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